6 New Bridal Updo Hairstyles with Elegant Accessories

6 New Bridal Updo Hairstyles with Elegant Accessories

French and Fishtail Braids

This is a traditional mix of french and fishtail braids. This hair style is very fresh and is most suitable for the summer brides. 2 hair accessories, a crystal butterfly in the front and a little daisy flower at the back are used.

Heart Shape Braids and Ribbon

This is a elegant and sweet updo hairstyle for brides. The french braids on the sides form a heart shape at the center of your hear. The ends are tied into a nice big ribbon. Only one simple flower clip is used at the back so people can keep their attention at the heart shape braids.

Princess Braid

This is an elegant and yet cute hair style. The braid at the top intimates the princess hairstyle. White silk ribbons are weaved into the braids and there are many small ribbons as decorations. But, the top braid makes your forehead look fuller, so it is more suitable for those having small forehead.

Classic French Braids

A classic french braids in the front and a romantic bun at the back. French braids may add age to the brides. So, the use of crystal ribbon inter-winding the hair bun at the back is to make the look younger.

Doughnut Bun

This is a good mix of doughnut bun and fishtail braids. The fishtail braids add details to the ordinary doughnut bun. The crystal hair accessories just complete the look with a sense of Greece Goddess.

Romantic Retro Bun

This is absolutely a romantic and retro bridal hairstyle. Hair in front are weaved into a nice net. The little hair bun at the back makes the look a bit cute and younger. The use of fringe lace hair accessory is just perfect for this romantic and retro style.