How Often to Wash Your Hair

How Often to Wash Your Hair

How Often to Wash Hair

How often do you wash your hair? Many people wash their hair every day just because they are used to. They actually do feel their hair dirty or oily. The number of hair washing really depends on your hair type and condition. If your hair is dry and sensitive, it is not a must to wash hair every day. Washing your hair is not only for cleaning purpose, it is also an important step in hair care.

Chinese Medical Science

Doctors studying Chinese Medical Science suggest washing hair 3 to 4 times a week. They think that washing hair frequently may remove natural sebum excessively. This may damage hair health.

People working outdoor may wash their hair more often. They also suggest brushing you hair more often to improve blood circulation on scalp.

Doctors studying Chinese Medical Science do not suggest washing your hair just before going to sleep. If you really need a hair wash, make sure you dry it with a towel and blow dry immediately thereafter.

Western Medical Science

Doctors studying Western Medical Science suggest washing your hair every other day in summer. People working outdoor may wash their hair every day. Shampoo should not be alkaline (too alkaline) and the use of hair conditioner is recommended.

How Often to Use Hair Conditioner

Hair conditioner helps nourish and repair hair and protect hair against UV radiations. Doctors suggest using hair conditioner not more than 3 times a week.

Is Your Hair Healthy

Do you know that if you hair is healthy? Find it out by following the tests below:

Shine Test

Wash you hair. Then, brush you hair and part your hair at the center. Look into a mirror, make sure you can see the top of your head. Move a light source above the top of your head and see how shiny your hair is. The shiner the hair, the healthier is your hair.

Strength Test

Cut a little bunch of hair (1 inch) before your wash your hair. Place the bunch of hair into water. If you hair absorbs water and sink quickly(less than 30 seconds), you hair is probably not healthy.

Smoothness Test

Comb your hair and feel the smoothness. Then hold the ends of a small bunch of hair. Rub it and see if the ends split or break.