5 Tips for Perm Hair Care

5 Tips for Perm Hair Care

Hair becomes dry and dull after perm treatment. How to take good care of them so that it becomes smooth and shiny again?


Thyroxine is an essential factor that affects the shine of hair. The amount of Thyroxine decreases as a woman ages over 30. Seaweed is rich in Iodine which is essential in the synthesis of Thyroxine in human body. Therefore, including seaweed in our diet improve hair health and growth.

Green Vegetables and Yellow Fruits

Hair looses shine when it is deficient in Vitamins. Vitamin B promote hair growth and shine and Vitamin C helps absorption of nutrients. Eating more vegetables and fruits that contain Vitamins does great help to hair health. Best vegetables and fruits for hair include spinach, celery, mango and banana.

Soy Bean

Soy bean or products made from soy
bean (bean curd) are excellent food for hair health. They improve hair shine and elasticity and prevent hair breakage and split ends. It also boosts metabolism and prevents gray hair for women age over 30.

Water Temperature

We usually focus on choosing the best shampoo and hair conditioner for hair after perm. But, the temperature of water that we wash our hair with is also important. Water that has lower temperature than normal body temperature facilitates the close up of hair squama. We should use warm water to wash our hair with shampoo and hair conditioner. We need a final rinse with cold water.

Hair Nourishment and Treatment

Dry and dull hair are usually lack of moisture and nutrients. We need a deep treatment for our hair once a week apart from hair conditioner. Apply hair serum or hair mask from the root to the ends of hair. Repeat this step for 3 times until all the serum is absorbed by hair. Continue for a month and you will find your hair smooth and shiny.