Hair Accessories for Women: Flower and Feather Headband

Hair Accessories for Women: Flower and Feather Headband

Paris Hilton and Taylor Swift

Though you may have a nice hair style for a party night, you still need the hair accessory to make it look perfect. This is especially important if you have a simple hair style. The little hair accessories can definitely make your simple hair style into extraordinary. See how the celebrities make use of different types of headbands.

A thin and plain headband adds the cute element to her dark elegant look. There is no complicated or stylish hair style. A simple one is even to make the cute element outstanding.

Jessica Alba

Another plain hairband worn by Jessica Alba gives you a totally different feel from Pairs Hilton and Taylor Swift. With the dark color and thicker headband, it shows to inner strength from Jessica Alba.

Pixie Lott and Lindsay Lohan

Dark or black hairband is not necessarily to create a feeling of strength. With a small ribbon or flower, the dark color hairband is immediately turned into a cute and elegant hair accessory.

January Jones

Thick hairband with feathers together form a mysterious look. Such type of hairband is a must-have for party lovers. The thickness and feathers are exaggerated enough to make you the focus of the party. also reveals your inner characters.

Double Band

When you are too busy to prepare for a party, double band is the best choice for you. You only need the simplest type of hair style – tidy and neat for the double band. It suits both daily style and party style.


A leather plaited hairband is most suitable for ladies with strong character. It expresses a cool and westernized style perfectly. Usually, when you wear this type of headband, you are not going to put it right at the top of your head. Let it slide down a bit to your forehead, just like you are wearing a flower crown.

Other than the cute and elegant hairband, you can discover some metal and punk ones. Or, you can say that such modern hairband idea is actually stealing from the Statue of Liberty. The radiant crown of the Statue of Liberty is represented by the little nails or horns. The nails or horns on a wide metal or thin hairbands express different degree of wildness. The thin one though with less wildness, it gives the feel of the Greek myth.