Celebrities’ Trendy Haircuts for Women

Celebrities’ Trendy Haircuts for Women

Hair style is important to your external beauty. It is even more important to those who are trendy in fashion. Every year, there are trendy haircuts appear. The best way to ge20100407233920115t a piece of knowledge of this trend is to take a look at the celebrities’ hairstyles. Before we get out latest trend, you are reminded that due to your face shape and fashion style, not every hair style suits you.


The side-swept bangs from Beyonce make her look younger. The side-swept bangs are better than the straight ones as they add attractiveness and charm to a lady.

Audrina Patridge and Emily Blunt

Audirina has long and wavy hairs while Emily has long and straight hairs. Both of them are making the middle separation line. It is always said that the middle separation line makes your face look smaller.

Nicole Richie

The heavy and straight or blunt bangs for Nicole express her character and young age perfectly. The heavy bangs are matched with the full and thick wavy hairs. But, such heavy bangs are not suitable for those having square or round face.

Kate Beckinsale

Medium length hairs normally add strength to a lady. But with the wavy hairs Kate Beckinsale becomes much more feminine. The special feature of this haircut is the outward curling. This makes Kate look much more energetic.

Ginnifer Goodwin

This is a very clear short haircut from Ginnifer Goodwin. Layered short haircut without bangs is most suitable for her round face. By pulling aside her hairs, her forehead is completely exposed. This makes her face look much more balanced. The dark brown hair color causes the layers to be more obvious.

Carrie Underwood

Carrie in the picture has full medium wavy hairs. This hair style is not really special except the little tie up (with clips) in the front part of her hairs. The little tie up makes her look much younger and energetic. And it is extremely easy to do.

Emma Roberts

Sometimes, hair bangs can be really big problems to ladies. Look at Emma Roberts. The big curling bangs make her more attractive and feminine. The hair style is very simple. So, the curling bangs are really outstanding for the whole look.

Sometimes, you may find it difficult to tell your hair stylist the exact hair style that you wish. It is my advice that if you have seen any hair style that you really like on the magazine. Cut and take it to your hair stylist!