How to Stimulate Natural Hair Growth with 10 Best Foods for Hair Instead of Haircare Products

How to Stimulate Natural Hair Growth with 10 Best Foods for Hair Instead of Haircare Products

Healthy, strong and shinny hair add colors to your pretty face. The fundamental factor for healthy hair is nutrients. Other than hair growth products, eating food good for hair to is the most effective way of hair care and hair loss treatment. Of course, most important, it is the best method for natural hair growth.

Though there are many foods that are good to hair growth, the following 7 are the best source of hair nutrients.almonds5

  1. Almond

According to research, people suffering from hair loss actually are deficient in vitamin B6, vitamin E, iron (over 30% of people suffering from hair loss is with iron deficiency) and zinc. The high fat diet causes the increase in secretion of androgen, which also causes hair loss. Almond is rich in vitamins for hair growth including vitamin E and zinc, which can help reduce hair loss effectively.

  1. Ssteamers-clams-with-lemmonhellfish

Shellfish contains plenty of zinc which can help cell regrowth and balance of hormones. Therefore, it is extremely good for hair loss treatment or hair growth.

  1. SteakGrilled Pepper Steak

Steak contains rich nutrients including protein, iron and zinc. Zinc is important to hair for securing the glands in the hair follicles. Also, protein in the steak is the main nutrients for the formation of hair.

  1. Beansblackbean1

Black bean is an excellent source for protein and iron, which are essential nutrients for hair growth. Black bean is especially good for black hair growth. For the vegetarians, beans to them are the main source of protein.

  1. EggBoiled Egg

Egg or products of egg are also good sources of protein. Egg also contains magnesium and selenium, which are necessary for cellular function in human body.

  1. Orangeorange-slices

Orange is not only juicy and tasty, it is also rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C helps human body absorb iron. Also, it is proved to facilitate of manufacture of collagen which is important to both hair and skin growth.

  1. Raisinraisins

Raisin is rich in iron. Iron is essential for the production of hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is required for the transportation of nutrients through blood to all of the body organs and of course hair.

  1. Black Sesamemelanin_black_sesame_color

Black sesame is believed by the Chinese or eastern people as a good food for hair. They will fry the dry (under the sun) black sesame and grand it into powder. With a little bit sugar, they will eat 2 table spoon of black sesame powder a day.

  1. Walnut854walnut

Walnut is very much like almond. It contains vitamin E which is important for hair growth. You are advised to eat 1 to 2 piece of walnut every day for healthy hair as well as heart!

  1. Chicken oil

Chicken oil as hair growth food is advised by the Chinese. When they steam the chicken, the chicken oil will come out. They then add the chicken oil to rice or soup. The chicken oil is good for hair growth especially for black hair