Food Remedies for Natural Hair Growth

Food Remedies for Natural Hair Growth

Promoting hair growth is not an easy task. Many people are disappointed by different treatments and products available. Actually, the best natural hair growth remedies start from health and nutrition.

soya-beans21Soy beans and its products are considered as healthy foods in the eastern countries. Soy milk and bean curd are extremely common among Asian people. Recent researches show that soy beans may help hair growth and prevent hair loss problem. Soy beans become small molecules after digestion and such molecules can reduce the risks of prostatauxe and hair loss.beautiful-hair-style16

Medication for hair loss problem mainly relies on the inhibition of DHT synthesis. But, such inhibition may cause many other side effects. A small molecular substance “Equol” deriving from Isoflavones from soy beans inhibits DHT’s reactions in human body. As DHT synthesis is not directly inhibited, no side effects are caused. The inhibition of DHT reactions has been tested out in animals. It is proved that Equol does not affect the amount of DHT in animal, but inhibit its proper functions.

According to researchers, Equol is produced by small intestine through the digestion of soy beans in human body. The Equol produced can inhibit DHT from reacting with male hormones. The intake of soy beans may help hair growth (prevent hair loss problem) as production of DHT is a common cause for hair loss problem.

In addition, soy beans contain Vitamin B (the natural hair growth vitamin), Biotin and Iron which are essential for hair growth. Though there are not many researches on Equol and soy beans as a remedy for hair loss problem. Soy beans have been regarded as a healthy food by both Asian and western countries.