Daily Hair Care Routine For Healthy Hair

Daily Hair Care Routine For Healthy Hair

Daily Hair Care Routine

Daily hair care routine is a great way to keep us beautiful and feel good and with energy. However, we rarely have the time needed for proper hair care. And something that we often neglect is our hair. Not everyone can go regularly to the hairdresser, not only for a matter of money but also for a matter of time. But you can build your own beauty routine to take care of your hair and feel cute in a short time.

Brush your hair every morning
Brushing the hair is essential to keep it untangled. But also brushing helps distribute natural oils evenly, especially the hair, giving it an intense shine. Use a soft bristle brush and do it gently, taking care of and consenting to the hair.

Avoid doing it in a hurry, because you can scratch the scalp and break the hair. Also do not go to the other extreme: make it moderate and soft.

Hair washing
One daily hair care routine is to wash your hair but this is a dilemma for many people. How often you have to wash it depends on the type of hair you have. Generally dry and thick hair requires washing every two or three days. Oily and oily hair is best washed every day or every day, while normal hair is more comfortable to wash every two days.

Massage the scalp in circular movements, during washing, to stimulate blood circulation. If you have dry hair, use a moisturizing shampoo; For normal hair, all kinds of shampoos work, although it is better to use a specific one if you have oily hair.

Hair products
Use of the product for daily hair care routines depends on your cut. We recommend that you limit the use of these products and tools to avoid hair damage. If you use a dryer, be sure to use a heat shield. Try to avoid products, at least once a week, to allow hair to recover from the stress of all these products.

Stylize your hair and look for ways to look different and make hair look good. From hair accessories to hairstyles horsetail, half tail or bun. The important thing is that you do it with care and take care of your hair while you give it the hairstyle that you like the most.

At night
Before going to sleep, spend a few minutes in front of the mirror brushing gently your hair to eliminate knots and tangles that have accumulated during the day. After brushing, tie your hair in a loose ponytail to prevent it from becoming entangled during the night. If you have short hair you should not worry about following this step.

With this simple daily hair care routine you will be able to take care of your hair, keep it cute, with shine, life and style. Try to do this daily hair care routine every day and you will see excellent results without effort and without taking hours of routine.

Daily Hair Care Routine for Healthy Hair
A good beauty routine to care for hair begins with cleaning and the good choice of a product adapted to the needs of the hair. There are different hair characteristics; It can be greasy, dry, damaged, curly, dyed etc.

Carry out the following steps so that your hair is healthy, well hydrated and protected from the damage it faces, such as sun, pollution, stains, permanent smoothing and appliances that generate heat.

Wash the hair with warm water, the hot water dries the scalp and removes protection. Preferably the last time you wash the shampoo uses cold water to make your hair stronger and brighter. Cold water seals the hair cuticle.

Do not wash your hair daily, preferably wash it every other day. Choose the shampoo according to your type of hair: oily, dry, damaged, curly, dyed etc.

If you usually use many products without enjuegue as they are the creams to comb, gel fixer, spray, among others. It is advisable that every 15 days wash your hair with a shampoo of deep cleaning to clean all the residues that may be on the scalp and hair.

Hydration and nutrition
The conditioners help to keep the hair well hydrated during the day. If your hair is not oily you can also use oil to moisturize, shine and nourish, use it at bedtime so that the next day after washing the hair is soft.

Apply creams to comb without rinsing daily or a couple of times a week, as they help keep hair healthy and nourished. Apply moisturizing masks or ampoules once a month to strengthen the hair.

Do not rub the towel hard on your head, as you can break and sensitize the hair. The best way to dry your hair is just wrapping it in a towel. Avoid leaving the house with wet hair, if you do not have time to wait for it to dry naturally use a dryer with warm air and before placing a heat-protecting product on your hair to prevent hair from being damaged and try to maintain the dryer at a distance of at least 10 centimeters

To recover the health of the hair that is exposed daily to the sun and pollution there are some measures that you must take into account, especially if you usually paint your hair or perform permanent straightening.

It uses once a week serums for the tips, its function is to protect the ends of the hair from external aggressions. The creams with rinse help to repair the hair, use them once every 15 days or every month depending on the state of your mane, ask for advice from an expert. Trim your hair at least every 6 months to eliminate split ends, this also helps the hair grow faster.

The daily hair care routine must be applied from time to time, and it’s as simple as a basic routine: coconut oil, before washing your hair and only at the end. That’s all!

In summary, and step by step:

Coconut oil: Half an hour before washing my hair and only on the ends. (* And only occasionally … like once a month, or something like that).
Shampoo in homemade bar. If you want to know why the bar shampoo is more sustainable, I recommend this publication.

Conditioner: One cup of water and one tablespoon of lemon juice. But you can adjust it according to your hair type, and try to see if it works better with more or less lemon. Apply, leave a couple of minutes, and rinse (as you would with a commercial conditioner).

Unravel. Using a coarse-toothed comb, and just after applying the conditioner (inside the shower).
When I came out of the bathroom I wrapped a towel over my head (like a turban) for a while; When I release it, I comb it back and I put pressure on the hair with a towel (without rubbing too much) to remove excess water, and let it dry. This daily hair care routine helps make hair beautiful without the need to use a blow dryer.