Hair Spa

Hair Spa

spaIn these two years, hair spa has been increasingly popular. The function of a hair spa is very much the same as a body spa. By immersing yourself in the music, fragrance and massage, your will be released from your pressure and stressed emotion.

Hair nourishment or nutrition is the heart of healthy and pretty hairs. Moisture is essential to our hairs like it is essential to healthy skin. In our daily life, our hairs suffer different damages from air pollution, UV light and heat, etc. These damages result in dry, weak and fizzy hairs.

11 Steps in Hair Salon Spa

When you are in a professional hair spa salon, you can experience the result from professional equipments, techniques and products. Usually, you will go through the following 12 steps:

Step 1: Your hair and scalp are analyzed

Step 2: Suitable hair products are selected for you

Step 3: Your hairs are washed and shampooed with warm water

Step 4: Hair washing is followed by air conditioner

Step 5: A specialist massages your hairs and scalp to facilitate the nutrition absorption

Step 6: You eyes will be covered so that you can relax

Step 7: The specialist massages your shoulders and arms so that you can completely relax

Step 8: Special conditioner is used to nourish your hair ends

Step 9: Your hairs are rinsed after 15 minutes

Step 10: Apply hair essence to your hair and massage your scalp for better absorption

Step 11: Tidy up your hairs

The whole process of such professional hair spa takes your around 70 minutes in time. If you wish to have a hair spa, you are advised to have it in the evening or at night. This helps better release your pressure.

Do Hair Spa at Homehair spa

It is not a must to have hair spa at a professional salon. You can do it yourself at home. The result is not worse than the professional salon one. Besides, it is not as complicated as you thought!

Things that you need to prepare include:

  • One set of hair products
  • Hair cream or DIY hair mask
  • Shower cap or plastic wrap
  • A towel
  • Aroma
  • Music CD

Massage is an extremely important step for hair spa. While not many westerner specialists know about the Chinese acupuncture points, they just massage your scalp and face. Massaging on the correct acupuncture points facilitate blood circulation and improve the nutrition absorption. You will feel much more relaxed. In fact, for a home hair spa, you do not need to care about too much the accurate position of the acupuncture points. Below describes several acupuncture points that you may try.

  • Feng Chi – The two Feng Chi points are at the back of your neck
  • Tai Yang – The two Tai Yang points are at the side of your forehead

You can do such massage after you have applied your hair conditioner and hair cream. After applying your hair cream, you should wear a shower cap or wrap your hairs with plastic wrap. Wait for 30 minutes and rinse. It is best to have such spa when your are bathing as the steam can help better absoprtion of nutrition. During your spa, the soothing music and aroma cadle is a great help of relaxtion.