Dandruff and Hair Scalp

Dandruff and Hair Scalp

Expert’s answer on the most frequently asked questions that you will ask! The weather is becoming dryer and dryer when autumn and winter come. You may easily discover different hair and scalp beautiful_hairproblems from these two months onwards. If you have such problems and wish to know why and the solutions, you should take the following advices from the hair and scalp expert!

Question 1: Why hair and scalp problems including dandruff, dryness and hair loss happen during the changing of seasons?

Answer and Solution: Scalp is the same as you facial skin and it will be affected by the different weather in different seasons. The more significant the seasonal changes, the more serious the scalp problems are. Usually, such seasonal changes increase the amount of bacteria or affect the metabolism of scalp, which cause different types of hair and scalp problems!

Question 2: Why my anti dandruff shampoo is not effective?

Answer and Solution: There are many different causes of dandruff and the most common one is dryness of scalp. By using anti dandruff shampoo alone, the dryness of scalp is not properly dealt with. Indeed, the scalp may become dryer. Therefore, it is pretty hair 01recommended to use conditioner or essence along with anti dandruff shampoo. This helps rebuild the natural protection of scalp against the external irritants.

Question 3: Why there is no improvement for my hair problem after using the shampoo recommended by a hair and scalp expert?

Answer and Solution: It is advised to wash your hair twice instead of once every time for a deep cleaning and caring. You may even choose two different shampoos as well. The first shampoo should be able to soothe you scalp, which facilitate a proper cleaning in the second step. You should choose your second shampoo according to your own hair and scalp condition. Keep doing this for a period of time and you will see the significant difference!

Question 4: What is the best way to care for my hair and scalp?

Answer and Solution: You may have special treatments at professional hair salons. You may have a DIY treatment at home with medicating essence. Massage the essence over your scalp for 2 to 3 minutes to facilitate the absorption of essence.