Hair Loss Prevention

Hair Loss Prevention

pic_of_hair_brushingThough many people would like to do different type of hair removal treatments, many people on the other hand wish their hair grows. There are many different hair loss treatments available like hair growth vitamins (e.g. Boitin hair Growth) and hair growth shampoo. But not many of them are working. Before you find the best hair treatment for your hair to grow, you should know the reason why your hair is getting loss. By solving the specific problem, you are preventing hair loss.

One thing to remind you is that, the hair growth cycle is around 3 weeks. The number of hair follicles is limited (around 100,000). A hair grows for 2 years and then stops, after a few weeks, it starts to shed off. The sooner you notice and remedy the problem, the higher the possibility to get your hair back.

First you have to distinguish between hair loss and hair shed off. Hair shed off is normal for everybody but hair loss is real problem. Ask yourself the following questions to see if you face the hair loss problem.

  • Do you find a lot of hairs ojulien your faces everyday you get up?
  • Do you find a lot of hairs on your comb after combing your hair?
  • Do you feel oily for your head skin and find a lot of dandruff?
  • Do you find your hair line recedes?
  • Take a look at the fallen hairs. See if there are white dots at the ends or thinner near the ends?
  • Find out if your parents or relative are suffering the hair loss problem? – Comb your hair in front of the mirror for 1 minute, count if more than 50 hairs are off?
  • Do you always feel itchy for your head skin?
  • Are you always under great pressure and depression?
  • Do you often dye your hair?
  • Do you eat a lot of junk or fast food due to busy working?

If you say yes to over half of the questions, you are suffering the hair loss problem!

Hair loss problem can be divided into two types: temporary and permanent. The temporary hair loss is usually resulted from insufficient supply of blood to the hair follicles, which hinder the nerve control functions or in simpler words malnutrition. As the structures of the follicles are not destroyed, it is easier for hair to re-grow. There can be many reasons for permanent hair loss and a general conclusion is the destruction of hair follicular structure.sleep-mask

The most common reason for hair loss is actually psychiatric status. When you face stress and pressure all the time, the body function is disturbed. This cause the capillaries located on hair skin to shrink and causing the malnutrition and excessive sebum secretion. The excess sebum favors the growth of specific bacteria that affect the hair follicles and result in hair loss. This type of hair loss is temporary only. If you can improve your psychiatric status, your hair will re-grow.

How to Prevent Hair Loss

The best treatment for this type of hair loss is to take some vitamins which can help you relax a bit. Also, take a good rest and adjust your sleep habit also helps. Though you may think that this method is rather a natural hair loss treatment and you are not sure if it works. Let me tell you the fact that, even you pay a lot of money for the chemical ones or even expensive treatments, they may not work either. This is in the long run, the best hair loss prevention method!