Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss can be caused by many different factors. Different hair loss treatments work for different underlying factors. We have shared that hair grows at 12 midnight to 2am. Therefore, sleeping during this period of time can be one of the best hair loss remedies.

Tiding of Hairponytail-hair

Other than sleep loss, there are many other reasons for hair loss. One of the many is the tiding of hair. It is advised by doctors that females who always tide their hair tightly will cause prolonged pull to hairs. This on one hand causes hairs to break easily. It also causes receding hair line on the other hand. The receding hair line finally causes the hair loss.

Hair Growth Vitamins

Treatment for hair loss due to prolonged tiding of hair mainly include nutrient supplement. Vitamin complex is a good complex of nutrients to hair. The daily ones like Centurm may provide vitamin for your daily requirement. If you are taking vitamin for medication, you may need to seek advice from the doctor for a heavier dose. Usually, you are given vitamin that is used for vitamin deficiency. This kind of vitamin can provide significant amount of vitamin to you in a shorter period of time.

Herbal Hair Loss TreatmentBlackSesame

In the view of Chinese medicine science, the damaged hair may relate to the spleen. Food in black color like sesame can be good spleen and kidney. These dark color foods contain a lot of trace elements that are good for the hair and skin. Other than sesame, you can also try walnut, black bean, chestnut, date and longan.

Seborrheic Hair Lossdandruff

Another common reason for hair loss is seborrheic. Seborrheic hair loss is a kind of seborrheic dermatitis. Symtoms may include serious dandruff, oily hair and itch. According to doctors, you can notice three stages for seborrheic hair loss. During the early stage, you may find hundreds of hair loss when washing hairs. When it comes to mid stage, you may find that your serious hair loss from top of head. In the late stage, you may find yourself bald head. If you always feel itchy for your head and find some small red spots on you head skin, you are very probably suffering from seborrheic dermatitis.

Hair Loss Treatment

Common treatment for this type of hair loss includes intakes of vitamin B complex like B6,B2 and B1, Oryzanol and Ketoconazole. You may also find that people may use shampoo with Ketoconazole as ingredient. You may also find shampoo 20070802091211452with Minoxidil as ingredient, which can help hair regrowth. If you are not suffering from serious hair loss, shampoo with 2% of Minoxidil should be powerful enough.

In addition, you are advised to do a body check. Pay attention to your level of estrogen, androgen and prolactin. If the level of these hormones are high, hair loss can be resulted. Therefore, medicines (even contraceptive pills) for balancing the level of these hormones may actually help alleviate the hair loss problem.

Herbal Hair Loss Treatment

In the view of Chinese medicine science, herbal tea made with medlar, red date and angelica. Instead of boiling the tea, you can just add the Chinese herbs into hot water like tea.