Professional Hair Care Tips – Svenson

Professional Hair Care Tips – Svenson

Svenson is a leading brand at solutions for hair and scalp problems. It has over 50 years of expertise and knowledge in hair problems. Svenson originates in the UK and operates in a global network of hair care 6a00d83451b96069e20105362febfc970c-200wicenters.

The experts from Svenson points out that the health of head skin is woman-washing-hairmost important for beautiful hairs. For severe hair loss, you may need to seek experts for help. But, you have to care for your hair at home also.

Wash your hair properly
It is strange to tell you that washing hair has to be taught. But experts say that washing hair is the fundamental step for hair care.

Step 1: Comb your hair before washing. Comb from the ends to the top.

Step 2: Wash your hair with warm water at around 38 degree Celsius.

Step 3: Dispense the shampoo onto your palm. Add water to leather. Use the leather to wash your hair. (Do not wash your hair directly with the shampoo as most of them are too concentrated)

Step 4: Use your finger pulp to massage your head in a circular motion. (This action cleans the head and at the same time promote blood circulation in the head.) Do not scratch your head.skd259566sdc

Step 5: Apply conditioner to your hair only but not the head skin. Allow the conditioner on your hairs for at most 2 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly. (This way allows the full function of conditioner.)

Step 6: Rinse your hair and use your yo200334965-001ur hand to feel. Gently dry your hair. (As the hair squama is opened up, kneading and combing of hairs can damage the hairs.

Washing hair causes hair loss?

Experts say that washing hair will not cause hair loss problem. You can wash your hair every day. The only thing to concern is the proper way of washing hairs.

There are many different hair conditioners or chemical hair care products available in the market. Experts say that you can use them, but never let them get in touch with your scalp.

Experts say you can massage your head anytime you wish to. You can divide your head into four sections, the forehead to the top of head, from left ear to the top of head, from the right ear to the top of head and from the top of head to the back side of head. Use your finger pulp to massage so that your tensed scalp can relax.