Black Hair Care: Some Basic Tips

Black Hair Care: Some Basic Tips

While on the surface it may not look like it, black people and white people’s hair are both made of the same fundamental stuff. There is no real essential difference. However, there is a difference in how it is actually structured, which is why the two hairs don’t look the same. This is why it is very beneficial to use black hair care products rather than just use the same stuff that white people use. If you try to go that route for too long, it will have a negative overall effect on your hair because these products were developed mainly with a white consumer in mind.

One of the fundamentals of black hair care is that you really have to be careful about which relaxers you are using. A relaxer that is too highly acidic, when combined with heat, can really do a lot of damage to your hair. That’s why it’s necessary to proceed with caution, and to always kind of monitor the effects of a relaxing agent or anything else you put into your hair. You don’t want to block essential oils from reaching the tips of your hair if you can help it.

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Furthermore, relaxing your hair will always have a tendency to make it weaker over the long run. I’m not saying you shouldn’t do it. I just want you to know some of the travails and pitfalls to be on the look out for if you go this route.

Another important point about black hair care is that because black hair tends to be kinky hair, it is naturally more prone to breakage. This is because the more curls and turning points there is in someone’s hair, it will obviously break more. So what can you do about this? First of all, use shampoo to wash your hair only about once a week. Shampoo has a drying out effect on all hair, so by keeping it more moisturized it will stay healthy.

You can also do a deep conditioning on a regular basis. This will also serve to moisturize the hair and keep vitality flowing through it. Another good tip is to tie your hair back before you go to sleep. By doing this you will minimize the amount of tangles that you wake up with in the morning. I know this sounds kind of annoying, but at least it will keep your hair out of your way while you sleep.

This is only a partial list of the basics of black hair care. I always tell people that you should learn the basics, go out and experiment, and start to mold a hair care style that works best for you from there.