Hair Crimper: Popular Again

Hair Crimper: Popular Again

One of the many trends from the past that’s come back into fashion in recent years is crimping hair. By using a hair crimper you can get a more unconventional look to your hair by making it appear wavy and out of control. Some people will say that a crimper for hair is unnecessary because you can achieve the same effect using braids but using a hair styling crimper is definitely a much quicker and simpler way of doing so.

A hair crimpers iron is usually not that expensive – you can usually find one for around $15 – but that doesn’t mean you should go out and buy the first one you see. If you go to your nearest beauty store you’ll probably find that they have many different crimpers available and you shouldn’t just look for cheap hair crimpers. Like any sort of styling product the more you pay the higher quality piece of equipment you get and the more settings and options you’ll have.

But what are the differences between a cheap hair crimper and a more expensive one? Generally if you spend more on your crimper you’ll get one that has a higher number of temperature settings. Often they will also have changeable plates which means you have a lot more options when it comes to deciding exactly how you want your hair to be styled. If you buy the very cheapest model then you will get a few different heat settings and fixed plates so you won’t have as much scope for creativity. If you think you’ll use the crimper on a regular basis then you should definitely pay more for a high quality model that will provide you with a much wider range of possible styles for your hair.

Just because you want to get a higher quality model hair crimper doesn’t mean you have to spend huge amounts of money though. For example you can get a Conair hair crimper that has interchangeable plates for around $30 which is only $10-15 more than the cheapest models.

Everyone’s hair is different so if you have very thin hair it is more likely to burn when using a crimper. In this case it is extremely important that you buy a hair crimper with a range of different temperature settings so you can avoid burning your hair by using a lower temperature setting. This is also important if you’re using your hair crimper regularly to avoid damaging the hair.