The Cost Of Hair Transplant Surgery

The Cost Of Hair Transplant Surgery

If you are looking for the cost of hair transplants then you need to realize that there is no set amount that can be taken as an average cost of hair transplants because there are many variables that must be taken into account. This article will give you some ranges but you really need to get a few estimates from reputable hair restoration clinics or cosmetic surgeons to find out what the total cost will be for you.

One of the big variable in hair transplantation surgery is how large of a balding area there is that needs to be treated. It really goes without saying that if you have a large area, like the majority of the top of your head, you are going to pay a lot more than someone who only has a few centimeter wide spot. When men develop pattern baldness, this is the cause of balding in 95% of the men who have problems, they tend to lose hair in one of three spots first. They either have a receding hair line, a classic bald spot at the crown, or thinning at the frontal top area of the head. Which areas you are having problems with will be a determiner in the cost of hair transplant surgery. Unlike a hair replacement system that covers the entire head, hair transplants only need to be applied to the balding area.

Another variable is the availability of donor hair to be transplanted into the balding area. Luckily for men, when suffering from pattern baldness there is usually very good hair growth left at the sides of the head and the posterior area of the head. This growth at the back of the head will allow many hair follicles to be removed for implantation with no noticeable thinning in the donor area. This makes the harvesting of the hair follicles relatively easy and thus keeps the cost down. Women usually experience hair thinning over the entire scalp so they do not usually have a very good donor area and other parts of the body must be used for donation sites. This also raises the cost.

A third factor is the number of hairs that must be placed in the scalp in order to give coverage over the scalp at the bald spot. The texture and color of the hairs plays a big part in this. If the hair shafts are thin you will need more to get good coverage. If they are thicker then less are needed. The contrast in color between the hair and scalp is also an important thing to take into account. It is hardest to cover a light colored scalp with dark hair because there is such a contrast. It is much easier, requiring less hairs, to cover an area where the color of the skin is closer to the color of the hair.

Another variable in the cost of hair transplantation is where you choose to have the surgery performed. Within each city there can be a very dramatic difference in charges between different clinics. Also, you can now take a hair restoration vacation and get the procedure done by first class surgeons in a great vacation destination such as Thailand or Brazil.

Taken all of these variables into account you can expect to pay around $3 to $7 per graft unit. This is an individual hair follicle or sometimes two or three follicles which is how hair grows normally. The number of hair implants will rarely be below 500 and often times can run a few thousand. This is due to the varieties in your situation as described above. This is a rough estimate of the cost of hair transplant surgery but it should give a starting place to determine how much you will pay. Search out an offer today and get an estimate. It may be cheaper than you think.