The Controversy of Keratin Hair Treatment

The Controversy of Keratin Hair Treatment

Keratin hair treatment is a modern way of getting rid of unwanted curly hair as well as making hair smoother and more pleasant to touch. However the technique is not without controversy – especially Brazilian keratin hair treatment. In this article I’ll be talking a bit about what keratin hair treatments actually do as well as why many people disagree with their use.

Keratin is the name of a natural product found in our body. It’s actually a very strong type of protein which makes up a large amount of body parts such as skin and nails. If the keratin is not behaving as it should then this is what causes your hair to look dry and is why many people are interested in keratin hair treatments. The idea is that the hair follicle is provided with a coating of keratin which allows the hair to once again appear smooth and natural. In general the more keratin the better when it comes to having healthy hair.

The controversy comes with a type of treatment called Brazilian keratin hair straightening treatment. The problem is that in some cases this kind of treatment uses a type of chemical that is known to cause cancer in doses that are well above the recommended amount. This is why whenever you’re going to try any sort of hair straightening product you should always talk it through with your doctor or other healthcare professional to make sure it’s safe. Make sure you only use hair straightening kits that specifically say they have a low enough dosage of dangerous chemicals to be safe.

While many people pay to have their hair treated you can also buy home kits. However you should be careful when doing it at home to follow the instructions carefully as you can damage your skin and hair with keratin treatment if it is performed incorrectly. Also remember that you’ll usually not be able to wash the hair for a few days after using the treatment.

Even though there is lots of controversy regarding keratin treatment there is no doubt that it can work if performed correctly. If you use a product such as Global keratin hair treatment and follow the instructions exactly then most people will see a difference in how dry their hair is as well as how curly. Hair that has been treated using keratin hair treatment generally appears a lot healthier than before.