Do Hair Transplants Work

Do Hair Transplants Work

If you are trying to find the answer to the question, “do hair transplants work?’” the answer is yes they work very well. In fact, whether you are starting to notice some thinning hair on top or you have are mostly bald, the hair transplant surgery procedure has an almost 100% chance of giving you hair in your balding area. If you are ready to try a method that really works then give hair transplants a chance.

The reason this procedure works so well is because of nature of hair loss for men. The vast majority of men who suffer premature hair loss, about 95%, do so because of a medical condition called Androgenic Alopecia. This is a hereditary condition which can be passed down from either the mother’s or your father’s side of the family. There is an old wives tale that states balding is only passed from the mother but this is not true as we have learned from genetic theory. The genes for Androgenic Alopecia are recessive which means sometimes they show up and sometimes they don’t. Thus a father can have a full head of hair but his son be bald. Also, siblings can be affected differently with one brother having lush hair growth, a second showing a widow’s peak, and a third completely bald. You just never know.

One fact about this type of hair loss is that it only occurs in certain areas of the scalp. Thus the common name for this ailment is male pattern baldness. Generally, the patters of loss occur on the crown of the head and at the hair line above the forehead. The latter of these is known as a receding hairline. What this means in there will still be good hair growth at the back of the head. This area can be used as the donor site for the hair transplant units.

This fact is an important reason for the success of hair transplant surgery and why female hair transplant procedures don’t work. Women do not have pattern loss but instead have thinning over their entire head. This means there is no good donor site for the transplant units because removing hair follicles from one area means it will just look bare. This does not occur with men because they have thick growth at the back of the head and thus removing some is not a problem. As a [hair restoration for women] treatment this is not very successful.

The cost of hair transplant surgery is really the problem if you choose this method. But one thing to consider, even though it is fairly expensive it is the best method for getting hair to grow in a bald spot.