Female Hair Replacement Ideas

Female Hair Replacement Ideas

Anyone can start losing their hair at a time when they least expect it, even women can experience balding. Balding is a somewhat awkward consequence of a host of factors that all combine to contribute towards eventual hair loss. However, hair restoration for women is a solution that promises to reverse the irritating effects of hair loss. The fortunate thing about the different balding treatments is that they are flexible enough to meet all our different needs, be it if we prefer medications or natural treatments as cures.

To start with, medical procedures have recently been introduced as alternative forms of treatment to pharmaceutical drugs and natural herbs. In this category of treatments come various procedures, the most common being scalp reduction surgery and hair transplants. With scalp reduction surgery, a portion of the scalp is stretched outwards towards the specific area that is exposed to balding. As painful as it might seem at first it is actually effective at the end of it all. Apart from scalp reduction surgery there is also micro grafting of singular hairs and the transplanting of skin tissue from donors onto affected areas.

Hair transplants are exactly what the name implies, except for the obvious fact that it is your hair that is used in the hair transplant, not someone else’s. With an operation of this kind hair is uprooted from the back part of your head and planted in areas where balding is occurring. This procedure has not been very effective for women hair restoration because of the overall thinning of the scalp hair that is seen instead of the pattern baldness that men experience. A new micro-surgically based procedure seems to be working well for [female hair restoration] as it allows for the transplantation of hairs from different areas of the body to the thinning parts of the scalp. This is the most effective surgical female hair loss treatment.

When a medical operation is not something you would fancy then you could try prescription medicines, or other hair restoration products for women. Of note are Rogaine and Propecia. Rogaine can be obtained over the counter and is showing great success at treating both men’s and women’s hair loss. Generally, if the person is already bald then this drug will not offer much help but if the thinning is just now showing up it can put a halt to continued loss.

Propecia seems to be very effective for the treatment of male pattern baldness but it is not recommended for women of child bearing age due to the possibility of birth defects in male infants. It apparently has an effective on the proper development of the sexual organs.

Various side effects come with prescribing to the aforementioned medical procedures. Rogaine has been known for causing itchiness and Propecia can bring about erectile dysfunction in males and depression. As for scalp reduction surgery and hair transplants, bruising and scarring are somewhat obvious side effects.

The fact is there are options available for female hair replacement. Spend some time checking out information and contact a few clinics who specialize in problems with women. You will be surprised.