A Hair Loss Treatment For Women

A Hair Loss Treatment For Women

Finding the best hair loss treatment for women is really predicated on determining what is the cause of your balding and hair thinning and then choosing the treatment that will work best for you. Women can experience hair loss for a variety of reasons and each of the causes can require a different treatment protocol. Unfortunately, men have more options than women at this point due to the nature of their hair loss and the fact that more research has gone into treatments for men than into hair restoration for women.

Some of the reason that you may be experiencing thinning or balding problems could be hormonal, medical, or external. It is very common for a woman to experience thinning hair due to hormonal changes associated with pregnancy and birth. This is interesting because a woman’s hair usually is very healthy during the pregnancy due to the inclusion of prenatal vitamins. After the birth though, due to physical changes and possibly stress and worry, the new mother can experience hair thinning. This condition will usually right itself in a few months.

There also can be marked hair loss during menopause due to the changes in a woman’s hormonal chemistry. This can be alleviated with treatments prescribed by your health care provider. If you are in middle age and starting to see thinning hair or balding talk to your doctor immediately. He or she can help you develop a female hair loss treatment for this time in your life.

Another common cause of hair loss is due to medical procedures and treatments. For example, radiation therapy and chemotherapy can both be causes for dramatic and sometimes total hair loss. This condition also will right itself once the treatment program is completed.

Traction alopecia or hair loss due to pulling is also fairly common in women who wear tightly bound hair like in pony tails and braids. The pulling of the hair actually breaks it off at the scalp line. This hair will grow back because the hair follicles are not usually damaged. Treatment for hair loss in women due to this problem include wearing your hair looser and using a good conditioner to help with any brittleness of the hair.

Hair Loss Treatments For Women

The last cause is Androgenetic Alopecia which has usually been referred to as male pattern baldness but is also name female pattern hair loss. This is a genetic condition that is manifested by hair loss caused from DHT attacking the hair follicles and causing them to stop producing hair shaft material. There are two FDA approved drugs for male pattern baldness that seem to be effective. The first, Finasteride, is not prescribed to women though because of the potential for side effects including birth defects in male babies.

The second drug has been approved by the US FDA as a treatment for hair loss in women. Minoxidil is usually sold under the brand name Rogaine but it has recently been sold in generic form also. Minoxidil actually protects the hair follicles from the DHT by inhibiting the ability of the DHT to bond with receptors on the hair follicle. It is usually applied in a solution with 2% or 5% active ingredient. This treatment has shown good results as a hair loss treatment for women.