Hair Transplant For Women FAQs

Hair Transplant For Women FAQs

Hair loss in women has been a subject that the medical community has chosen to ignore until the last few years. Most of this, in my opinion, is because the subject was really taboo in social circles. Women historically have not talked about their health issues so they did not get addressed. Part of it also of course is because women have really been viewed as second class citizens although in the West this is no where as apparent as in other cultures. It is time that we spend resources on hair restoration for women like we have for men.

The modern woman of today will not stand for being left out in the cold any more. Whereas it used to be acceptable to put on a wig and pretend there was no problem, today’s woman wants to treat the problem and get on with an active life. Worrying about a wig slipping off their head is not part of the deal. With that in mind, we will answer some questions that have been asked about hair transplants for women. Men have been enjoying hair implantation surgery results for decades and it is time women also were allowed the opportunity to have this procedure that can solve the problem of hair loss for years to come.

Is female hair loss different than males? Yes. When men suffer from alopecia they tend to lose hair in certain areas only: the hair line at the forehead, the top of the head, the crown. Women generally will experience thinning over the entire head.

Do hair transplants for women work? Some women do experience patches of hair balding with the rest of the scalp having good hair growth. This allows a classic hair tansplantation for women approach.

What if a women has thinning over the entire scalp? When this is the situation the classic hair implants procedure, removing hair from a donor site on the scalp and transplanting it into the bald spot, is not effective. You end up making the thinning problem even worse.

Is there an effective hair transplant surgery for women with thinning hair? One method that has shown good results is to transplant hair from other parts of the body to the scalp as filler. Body hairs are courser than hairs on the head so they don’t work well for the hair line.

What method of hair transplants for women can be used? The most effective method for women with thinning hair is the Follicular Unit Extraction method. This procedure allows for removing individual hair units instead of entire portions of scalp for donation.

How much does hair transplant for women cost? If the classic method is used it will be the same price as for men $3 to $7 per graft. If there is thinning hair over the entire head then the cost will be closer to the $7 range per implanted hair unit?

Just because you have thinning hair does not mean you can’t find some relief from your hair loss. Start today to research your options in your local area. In the mean time, start a program to keep what hair you do have by using hair loss products such as Rogaine for women.