Women Hair Loss: Finding the Best Solution

Women Hair Loss: Finding the Best Solution

Female pattern baldness or women hair loss can be the result of a number of factors, including hormonal changes, aging, disease, medication, stress and chemical treatments. Today, hair loss in women happens almost as often as hair loss does for men. Therefore, many female hair loss treatments offer a solution for specific hair loss needs. It is no longer only wigs and hats for a woman who is experiencing the pain of balding and hair thinning. Hair restoration for women is now a legitimate medical study like it should be.


If you have FPB, first visit a dermatologist before pursuing any type of treatment. Once a determination is made, then a hair loss treatment plan can be undertaken. One of the best treatments for a woman experiencing hair loss is the use of the product Rogaine. Rogaine contains Minoxidil which is FDA approved. The topical treatment increases growth time and therefore allows a woman to keep her existing hair longer or establish regrowth in thinning areas.

Stronger is Better

For female pattern baldness (FPB), medical experts recommend that women use the stronger solution or 5% Minoxidil for reducing hair loss. Although the weaker solution (2%) assists in hair growth minimally, women often see an apparent difference by using the stronger treatment. Some side effects are noted with the stronger solution, including some scalp discomfort and itching.


Another FDA approved medication that can be used in some cases of FPB is Finasteride. The medicine, which is definitively prescribed for male pattern baldness (MPB) and goes under the names Propecia or Proscar, can be harmful if taken by pregnant women. For example, it is known to cause irregular growth in the sex organs of male fetuses. For this reason women of childbearing age are not given this prescription. However, for certain women Finasteride has been proven to be and effective solution as a hair loss treatment.

Visit an FPB Specialist

Many female preparations for hair loss contain ingredients that enhance the texture of the hair as well such as biotin and zinc and therefore increase the efficacy of the solution. If you’re experiencing female pattern hair loss, it’s essential to visit a specialist in this area as you will obtain treatment that is unique to the needs of women with this condition.

Using Oral Contraceptives to Fight Hair Loss

Many women hair loss patients have discovered that the use of birth control pills containing significant amounts of estrogen can help reduce hair loss as they dilute the effects of testosterone on the hair and therefore hair loss is circumvented. As a result, hair loss experts who treat FPB recommend higher-dose contraceptives to combat hair loss by suggesting the use of such brands as Yasmin, Orthocyclen and Desogen. While some laypeople believe hair loss in women is a result of contraceptive use, hair loss specialists say the opposite is true.

Hair Transplant

For women who wish to attain a permanent solution, many doctors now prescribe hair transplant surgery as a plan of treatment. Because of advancements in the procedures used, less scarring is noted so now many women are opting for the surgery. New techniques for women include removing entire strips of hair and segmenting them into smaller areas where hair loss has occurred among naturally growing hair. Therefore, many women with significant hair loss or thinning can be quite pleased with the results.

Review your Options

Whatever the reason for your loss of hair, visit a dermatologist first to find out the cause. In come cases medicines or disease can be the reason for hair loss while in other instances hair loss may require a change in your diet or how you handle stress. There are a number of hair loss clinics and treatments that are helpful in reducing hair loss for women. Review your choices on the Internet and begin a treatment plan.